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Apostolic Faith Church of Portland Oregon in South Africa

We invite you to join the church in Mthatha and let The Lord Jesus Christ to save you from your sins. Call +27 (0) 73 136 8980 More info

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UTA TALK we invite you to participate with us while, we are establishing the TALK SHOP in the area called Mthatha in South Africa.
Our main aim is to listen to your stories and share stories with you.

Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Auditions in Mthatha

We are looking for people who want to be seen on screen as Presenters.

Nwabisile Trading Radio
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Clientele Life (IFA)

Take this reference numbers AA511812 and be part of changing your life style by start refering your friends and family to earn extra income. IFA is best for you to start a business. Click Here!!! Copy your key now: AA511812 and paste it on your offline application form at the presentation area in your town.

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Nwabisile Trading is a based film production company that document the life history of our culture values and our general knowledge.

Sony XDCam EX3, Hire me to work for you.


Make a donation of R20 or more to assist the developing artists in Mthatha who have no hope that can achieve in media business in the Eastern Cape Province.
I humble myself to you reader to make a change now by donating only R20 for the future of musician and actors in Mthatha, South Africa.

Start today to advertise with us. Let your company grow with us, we are the international view, all your client can found out above your company, contact us by calling or emailing us

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GO Pro, film in any moment.

Company Name: Seven Heads Media Production and Nwabisile Trading

Film Producer / Editor / Director / D.O.P. / Software Programmer / Internet Marketer / Web Developer / Graphic Designer / Mobile Marketing (SMS, FAX2EMAIL Marketing, E-mail Marketing) 2D/3D Animation, Paper convector.

SOUTH AFRICA, Tel: +2773 136 8980
I am just words of happiness Most human beings called me Poem because they respect my kind of communication with their deep desires. Download Poem Any person who wants to participate on our programs or any person wants to market must be a member of Seven Heads Media Productions.
To be a member of Seven Heads Media Productions, you only pay R100 to this below account and email the deposit slip and the form.

Standard Bank
Credit to: M.A. Spelimandla
Acc No: 635652749